About Arcadia Spas

We use the spas we design

At Arcadia, we believe that spa pools should be designed by people who are passionate about the spa ownership experience. People who use spas daily in their own homes and understand what design features provide the most important benefits for spa owners.

Our design team have been spa owners for decades and have the experience to utilise the best of new spa manufacturing technologies to bring you the best performing, value for money, spas on the market.

It’s about spa performance, not gimmicks

Knowing what to leave out of a spa is as important as knowing what to include.

Many spas on the market today focus on the number of jets and not how these jets contribute to the perfect hydrotherapy experience. As such, the jets are poorly positioned and often there are too many jets for the available pump pressure. Adding more pumps can lead to higher electrical connection and daily running costs, whilst a high jet count to low pump ratio leads to poor jet pressure and compromised performance.

Only available at professional spa retailers

For many people, owning a spa for the first time can be a daunting experience. Our Arcadia spa sales specialists realise the importance of professional advice through the whole purchase and ownership process.

For this reason, Arcadia spas are only sold through professional spa retailers who will assist you; from selecting the best spa for your needs, through the delivery process and then for the lifetime of your spa.

A quality spa experience, without the expense

Arcadia spas are certainly not the cheapest spas on the market, but we firmly feel that they offer the best value for money.

Our designers avoid new technology costs that don’t add value to the hydrotherapy experience. We have focused our attention on the highest build quality, not on unnecessary bells and whistles. After all, what use is a cheap stereo system or TV in your spa if the spa’s shell cracks 2 years after purchase.

Back up from real people

Backing up every Arcadia Spa is a comprehensive warranty supported by New Zealand’s best service network. You can be assured, that if something goes wrong with your spa, it will be rectified quickly, and without fuss.

Please take some time to explore our product range. Compare our spas to others available on the market. If you have any questions, please contact one of our sales professionals.

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We hope that you will choose an Arcadia as your new spa.