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I have CD Ozone in my spa. Do I still need to use chemicals?
Why do I need the total hardness of my water balanced?
How do I care for my filters and how often should I clean them?
My spa is making a loud noise. What should I do?
My spa is showing up an Error 3 reading on the touchpad. How do I remedy this?
My spa is showing an Error 4 reading on the touchpad. How do I remedy this?
My Health Status Indicator light is red. What does this mean?
What is the correct fill level?

Full in-store support, spa parts and chemicals

arcadia spas are only available from our professional spa retailers. in-store you will find comprehensive and helpful advice from spa experts and all the official parts, accessories and chemicals that will keep your arcadia spa running well. 

Helpful and experienced
in-store "spa experts"

Comprehensive range of
spa parts and chemicals

Hassle free returns and
full Arcadia Warranty

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download documents

We have compiled a comprehensive set of operating manuals and instructions to
ensure that you can keep your Arcadia Spa running in top condition for years to come.


*A comprehensive, 40 page manual that covers everything on all SpaNet Controller models. 
**A quick guide to the control panel on SV2 SpaNet Controller (used on most Arcadia Spas). 
*** A quick guide to the control panel on SV3 SpaNet Controller (used on Elysian 2HP Spa).